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An account from our community in Spain along the Camino!

Brunot came from France walking last year his Camino. He started in Le Puy and so he was well under way by the time he got to our albergue by the end of July 2018. “But” he said, “last year, it was in this albergue that I started my real Camino”. He began to explain. “I was attending the Jesus meditation and afterwards I was given the key to express something. All I could say was: “I don’t know if I am a Christian, but here I am in the right place.” And so he walked on and a few days later entered the church of San Nicholas (location unknown) and sat down. He broke down in tears. “But I was so happy!” Brunot explained. “It was good. Since then I have become a Christian. I am going to church and I went for confirmation this year in Lourdes (France).”
To the question what has practically changed after this experience on the Camino last year Brunot smiled: Everything! Before I was moody and angry. I am with the gendarmerie (police) and I come across the ugly and bad side of life a lot. But now I am happy. The situation is the same, but I am changed! Recently I had a situation whereby I had to contact the brother of a deceased person. I found this man and we connected over ‘walking the Camino’. He also decided to walk the Camino after this loss and I even visited him in his house. He gave me this… (pulls out a bible) and I am reading it!

During dinner we also met K, a younger pilgrim from New Zealand who walked up with Brunot to our albergue. “Yes, he really was quite compelling saying that I also had to come with him to this albergue, for it is a special place”. During the dinner Brunot again explained how his Camino really started here last year and how in fact this is where his real life started. How it has transformed him! For our Kiwi it was all quite strange and new. One of us jokingly noticed her observing look and said: “So are you ready for your new life to start here tonight?” But Brunot interjected: “No you are never ready for it!”
Later that evening during the Jesus meditation Brunot shared:

“Last year I was here, holding the same key, when I said ‘I am not sure if I am a Christian, but I have found my place here.’ And now one year later I am here again and I can say I am a Christian and I believe!”

May our running of the albergue start many new lives!
As a community we were encouraged to see that God works through us, through our work and does many more things that we can notice or imagine. I can’t wait to one time hear all the stories of people whose course of life was changed by God through this place on the Camino!

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