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The Universe Next Door by James Sire

Widely considered a “classic” of evangelical apologetics, James Sire’s book serves as an analysis of a number of contemporary world views. The book flows from reflection on Christian Theism to Deism, Naturalism, Nihilism, Existentialism, Eastern Pantheistic Monism, The New Age and Postmodernism. Through this he asks questions with the aim of providing a basic understanding of each of these approaches and how they interact with Christianity

Although I found a lot of the content to be well-done and helpful I hesitated to recommend this book at first. I hesitated because there is a danger in reading books like this that we may come away feeling like we completely understand a person’s worldview and may interact with them from a place of pride.

If handled correctly though, I think this book is the best that I’ve read like it. It holds on offer a framework by which to understand a plethora of world-views as well diagnostic questions by which we can begin to plumb beliefs different from our own for accuracy and understanding.

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