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The Team

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The Gardeners are a group of volunteers who facilitate the growth of theRIVER Communities and Connections by promoting the vision of theRIVER and maintaining the relationships within the network.


Europe and Middle-East Gardener

After years of involvement in ministry with international students, refugees and young people's discipleship programs, Tiina's long term dream about a community house has become alive. Together with her husband, they are renovating an old house in an Alpine town of Northern Italy to host the traveler, the adventurer, the spiritual seeker, the tired... anyone who wants to pause and experience with them a life of sharing and journeying with Jesus.
Tiina has also traveled to over 30 countries in the 5 continents. She loves travelling. She mainly travelled for missions, and visiting friends. Tiina loves cultures and just in general learning from others. She see a life as a journey. Tiina see our calling to welcome the "stranger" where ever we find ourselves, thus for me travelling is more of a posture of life than moving around, even though she loves to experience the variety of different cultures at first hand.


Regional Gardener for Australia and New Zealand.

Allison is the founder and facilitator of The Third Space Community based in Melbourne (and now in the Virtual space too!). She has been involved in theRIVER for the past three years since attending the 2018 gathering in Thailand. Allison and her husband Kevin have a heart for connecting with travellers, backpackers, international students and pilgrims wherever they find themselves on this great earth.


Online Gardener

Main Responsibilities:

Taking care of online presence of theRIVER
Making videos for theRIVER
Taking care of the website

How are you connected to the traveller scene?
I‘m travelling around the world in 2014. I lived in Australia for 1 year and in Spain for a few months, I did different road trips and interrail trips.
I’m an open-minded, creativ person with many different interests.
Since the start of my journey, I worked in many different jobs. I worked as a self-employed photographer and filmmaker, I was part of the organisation team for events like Reformationsjubiläum and Kirchentag, both big Christian events in Germany. In Australia, I worked on different farms.
My journey with God started at the same moment when I started travelling.
As a traveller, you learn to trust and to listen to God when you are on the road.



The Advisors are the chosen representatives of theRIVER Communities and Connections to oversee the direction of theRIVER. They support the Gardeners through prayer and mentoring.



Experience in the traveller scene:
My travelling experience began in earnest with my wife, Jen, in 2012 when we packed up our
house for 12 months and took off around the planet. Our intention was to visit and link up with
missions and friends in mission that we had supported over our married life. While in France,
volunteering at the SurfHouse Biarritz, we sensed God opening and closing doors. In 2013, we
came home, readjusted our family home and began SurfHouse Narrawallee. Our heart was for the
traveller and we were stoked to start seeing the world travel through us. We also have a
connection with Christian Surfers and belong to an Asian team with responsibility for Hospitality.

Passions and Gifts:
My passion is to see people living Kingdom lives, and to be sharing with them in that. The
contexts that I love doing that are in hospitality; surfing; conversations; teaching and volleyball!




Jana Holland is a writer, professional musician, Spiritual Care Practitioner, and nomad. Along with her family, Craig, Graciana, and Banjo, Jana has traversed 26 countries, reflecting the beauty, truth, and goodness of Yeshua and fostering safe space where fellow travelers can explore faith and wholeness.