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As theRIVER, we want to give definition to our Communities, Connections, and Starting Points to provide travelers a better idea on what to expect with each as well as help those with the similar vision to find their place within the flow of theRIVER.

Starting Points don’t necessarily hold the core elements of theRIVER (just yet).  These are people that have in one or many ways been connected with theRIVER and have active vision for creating space for travellers and need people to join them to create community or physical space, those who are just starting to kick off a space like those in theRIVER, or have been doing their thing independently for a time but are just getting connected to theRIVER. The intention of having these points on our map is a way to raise awareness, provide support, be encouraged by others and find people who could join/ help them with the process of getting started/ connected.  Our hope is that this can aid the process of becoming RIVER Connections or Communities in the future.

theRIVER has a joining process based on relationship, if you are interested in jumping into theRIVER [click here]

The Wharf Community House

Community House

Tauranga, New Zealand


We believe that you cannot do life alone. So we started a Community House – The Wharf. Three to Four full time residents and a never-ending stream of guests make The Wharf a place for anyone to come and feel at home! The Wharf is also the site of house concerts, Open Mic Nights and other gatherings in Tauranga. Community Meal At The Wharf we think that eating together is a great way to build community! Each week we open up the community house for anyone and everyone to come and join us for a community meal so that we can all share food together and build new friendships. Our weekly Community Meals are open to everyone every Thursday at 6:30pm! Community Living One of the most important parts of living in a community house is making sure that we are interacting with and caring for each other, while maintaining an outward focus. We eat meals toghether at least 3 times a week and have weekly meetings. Backpackers At The Wharf Community house we have an extra bedroom complete with 2 sets of bunk beds. We host Couchsurfers and Backpackers from all over the world in this room. We love to meet new people and have them stay at our place!

Rézkígyó Coffehouse

Cafe & Creative Space

Budapest, Hungary


We operate a beautiful and spacious coffee house in the café and arts district of downtown Budapest. Our goal is to create a hospitable and peaceful atmosphere where our guests can relax, be themselves, and experience the love and beauty of God. In addition to great coffee, we offer community through good conversation, worship and meditation, and live music events on Friday nights. We hope to see some increase and growth in our weekly activities, especially in the area of arts, where travelers may find community through different kinds of creative expression and interaction.

Selah Guesthouse

Homestay, Camping, Farm

Byron Bay, Australia


We invite travellers from all over the world to share life with us.We invite travellers from all over the world to share life with us. We eat together, work together and play together. And as we do so, our hope is that we also share the love of Jesus. In 2019 we plan to relocate to a smaller acreage where we are looking to build Tiny Houses on Wheels as our new guest accommodation.