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Shekina Meditation Podcast

The Shekina Meditation Podcast is a weekly podcast created by the Shekina Jesus-devotional communities. Each week, 45 minute – 1 hour episodes are released containing the recording of a Christ-centred meditation from a Shekina Community. Each meditation is preceded by a short conversation between some community members with an update on community activities and events and an introduction to the meditation. The meditations themselves are Lectio Divina, Imagination or Contemplation of Nature -style Meditations and are appropriate for listening by yourself or in a group. Some friends of Shekina have begun regular groups who gather to listen to meditations together. These styles of meditation are accessible to followers of Jesus as well as people curious about the Christ Path, and are not pushy or exclusive in the language used.

These podcasts are a great resource for those interested in Christ-centred meditation or curious about how Jesus and Meditation could come together.

The podcast is available via iTunes, on the YouTube channel ‘Shekina Community’, through the Shekina website or via the Patreon site

We hope you enjoy listening and that you are blessed through this podcast!

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