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Purpose and Intention

Who are we?
“theRiver is a global network of Christ-centred communities and spaces who invite travelers to explore and experience Jesus through community and hospitality”

Why do we exist?
TheRiver recognizes and honours the diverse expressions of the Christian faith within our network.
We exist to express and demonstrate the Kingdom of God by intentionally connecting, supporting and inspiring one another.

Within the network we:
• connect with God together through various spiritual practices: (such as prayer, meditation,
• connect with each other through social media, gatherings (face-to-face/virtual), newsletter
• connect with travellers through personal connections/recommendations, promotion
(website/social media)
• support each other through personal relationships, global gatherings, regional sub-
networks, workshops, sharing resources, ideas
• inspire each other through shared wisdom, experience, encouragement and story-telling
• inspire one another to grow in faith, hope and love
• faith in Jesus Christ
• hope in the Kingdom of God
• loving God and one another