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Villamayor de Monjardín (Hostel) Spain

We are a community of followers of Jesus or people longing for more of Jesus! With the community we also operate or run an Albergue for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago in the North of Spain. We therefore have an Albergue or hostel, we have a house next door for the volunteers that are helping us with this and we have a community house in a nearby village as well as the house of the managers. In the community house we have place for retreaters, visitors, guests and long term staff. We enjoy outings and living in a old rural Spanish village. Our rhythms are comprised of morning devotions, worship and Jesus meditations. We love the secret place. That is where we are nourished. However having said this, it never looks the same. I suppose the core it being with God and in His presence, being led by His Spirit. The rhythm is a tool not a goal! It can be messy and fluid and most of all our lives are open for others to enter and join us. We are not trying to do church or a mission, we are that!

It is not a work of man, but the work of Holy Spirit among us and we ourselves are amazed each time also. We love that and are humbled by it. We value discipling and encouraging one another from what God has done in our own lives.

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People can enter our community as a volunteer to work and help in the Albergue during the Camino Season (roughly April to end of October), for this you need to write an application that is on the website and have a Skype. What we are looking for is people who are on a journey towards Jesus. Where you are on that journey is less important. We do value that you want to move forward and are able to share and be flexible. A longing to be genuinely transformed by Jesus! Stay is for free all inclusive. Minimum stay is 3 weeks.

People can also visit our community and stay in the community house. You are encouraged to join the rhythm and connect on a deeper level. Stay is on donation basis

We are always in need of people wanting to join our community as volunteers. We are currently also open to see people come and stay with us as long term staff.