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In a small village in Northern Spain the Albergue season for walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela is coming to an end. We have been running a refuge or hostel or Albergue for pilgrims and walkers of the age old trail. While feeding them and giving them a bed we have been able to share life with them.< >At night we do a Jesus meditation. Pilgrims walk the 800 or so km trail for various reasons, but in any case the walking and company of fellow pilgrims creates a soft ground to sow in the Love of Jesus. What has encouraged me during this past season is the power of Jesus and the attraction of his fragrance. In an unplanned way we have tasted of community life. Normally we operate with a 4-6 people but somehow during this season people have been added, sticking around, helping out longer, not wanting to leave creating a team of 6 to 8 and a having gatherings with 20 or so!We have had friends, and family visiting and helping with the work each according to their giftings. We have had pilgrims become part of the community. Or pilgrims just hanging out with us and our rhythm. We go out for gatherings into nature where we can freely express ourselves and be with Jesus. We have moments of individual or corporate ´carpet time´. And lots of moments of food and drinks.Yet at the same time these moments of sharing a meal or coffee can naturally flow into a moment of worship, prayer and finding ourselves flat on the floor as God´s Spirit touches us and sometimes overwhelms us! We have been humbled by community. I learned from the treasures other people found on their journey with God. We have had people from all ages and from Taiwan, Sweden, Italy, Germany, UK, Australia and USA and Holland join our community. Besides we have seen people becoming part of our community who did not know Jesus. It encouraged us to be open more and more. Open to people, but first open to my Jesus. Bottom line, if we roll we Jesus, I am not in control and some amazing things have happened that have deepened my faith!For the coming months we will investigate the opportunity to procure an old monastery to house these various activities in. If people want to join, feel free to contact me. Below some random pics of our community life in local Spanish environment.

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