theRIVER Journeys

Our dream is to create a flow of travelers experiencing Jesus. Travelers will meet many other spiritual seekers on their way, so it’s important to also offer the chance to learn about Jesus.

theRIVER Pilgrimage…

…is for individuals who decide to catch the flow of theRIVER, helping out and experiencing multiple communities. It’s meant for those who seek to grow in faith while traveling by experiencing Jesus’ communities everywhere. It can be especially helpful for those who want to establish their own place (like a RIVER community or connection) in that they can meet the rich network of people within theRIVER and learn from many resources, mentors and experiences.

We dream about communities of travelers learning together along the Jesus path as they are venturing out to see the world while connecting to theRIVER communities and connections.

theRIVER Mobile Communities…

…Is for those who would like to travel in a mobile community. The idea is to travel as a group to any place where travelers go, in order to explore and experience Jesus together as community, and invite others to join in along the way.

These ideas are still being developed.  Connect with us for more information and ideas.


You can connect with us for more information and ideas.