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Discovering Lectio Divina: Bringing Scripture Into Ordinary Life

by Evan B. Howard and James C. Wilhoit

‘Lectio Divina…immersed people in the reading of Scripture, yet the point was to do the reading in the context of prayer and meditation. The point was to employ the Scripture as a doorway into transforming intimacy.’

This small book is a simple and accessible entry point into the practice of Lectio Divina (‘divine reading’ in Latin). This meditative practice is a staple in River communities such as Shekina Garden in Pai, and is a beautiful practice to easily share with travellers, hippies and spiritual seekers as it requires no previous experience with Scripture. This book is a great way to dive deeper into our own practice, and is especially useful if we are guiding others in this practice.

In ‘Discovering Lectio Divina,’ Wilhoit and Howard share their own experiences of the practice, and share quotes and teachings from others throughout history on meditation and Lectio Divina in particular. They introduce us to the concept and background of this style of Christian meditation, and then walk us through the four simple elements of a Lectio Divina meditation – lectio (reading), meditatio (meditation), oratio (prayer) and contemplatio (silent resting). There is a section of reflection questions and further suggested reading, for those wanting to explore further.

I’d recommend this book for anyone curious about the practice, those wanting to find a new way of connecting with God through Scripture; or anyone wanting to go further with your own practice, or in guiding others.

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