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Honest Advent by Scott Erickson’s

This is a difficult year.  We are all collectively grieving and struggling and this doesn’t change in the wake of the Christmas season.  Songs of joy, a Christmas tree that the family won’t gather around, and the bright lights are not enough to bring about the “Christmas spirit” this year.  What I think we need this year is vulnerability and realness.

On that note, I want to recommend Scott Erickson’s advent readings, Honest Advent.  In this 25 day collection, Erickson shares original visual art pieces and meditations along with scripture and honest prayers to awaken the wonder that should come with Christmas.  This book is meant for us to awaken the wonder of God with us, with us in the realness of our everyday life and in unexpected places.

Won’t you join me in this vulnerable journey to meditate on the essence of the hope we eagerly await to come this advent?

“I needed something honest.  Something real.  Something with some human grit and a little less green and red in it.”

“What I believe is that the essence of the Birthday Boy is hiding out in the mechanics of this life- the one you’re living presently.  That, yes, we can look to candles, songs, and pageantry to help us connect to the Divine, but we can also look to pregnancy, biology, history, and mystery as sacred meeting places with the incarnational Christ.” -Honest Advent, Scott Erickson

recommended by Katelyn

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