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As theRIVER, we want to give definition to our Communities, Connections, and Starting Points to provide travelers a better idea on what to expect with each as well as help those with the similar vision to find their place within the flow of theRIVER.

RIVER Connections are as valued and connected as RIVER Communities.  Those who are considered theRIVER connections hold 2 of the 3 core elements.  

Examples of connections include those that:

  • Have a more fluid way of building community at their spaces, but are immersed in the traveler scene and intentionally create space for travelers to explore the teaching of Jesus.
  • Are a community following Jesus in the traveler scene that may not yet have active ways of engaging with the teachings of Jesus
  • Communities that intentionally create space for people to explore the Christ path who are open to travelers but they are not their main focus.  

The goal is that theRIVER can help connections encompass all 3 core elements; however please know that connections are a deeply valuable aspect of theRIVER as they are.  

theRIVER has a joining process based on relationship, if you are interested in jumping into theRIVER [click here]

SurfHouse Narrawallee
The Third Space
Christian Backpackers Meetup Melbourne