As theRIVER, we want to give definition to our Communities, Connections, and Starting Points to provide travelers a better idea on what to expect with each as well as help those with the similar vision to find their place within the flow of theRIVER.

The core of our communities. theRIVER communities take many different forms and expressions yet at the core of each community share three elements:

We are communities devoted to following Jesus.

Community – Communities within theRIVER have different forms. We believe that community consists of at least 3 involved parties, however this can express itself in different ways. The idea is that 3 distinct parties or individuals are able to offer diversity of opinion and thought process as well as the ability to provide healthy support for each other and address conflict.  The level of involvement for specific roles are very dependent on each community’s needs.  Some communities are represented by a single core individual or party who is committed to the vision, with additional travellers volunteering regularly. Other communities have multiple, long-term people at the core with varying degrees of vision commitment.  We welcome anything in between. 

Following Jesus – Jesus is the sole reason we dream what we dream and do what we do. We believe He is the image of the invisible God and the pathway to knowing and being in a relationship with Our Creator, the divine presence. For a more detailed description of what we mean when we say we are followers of Jesus, we have a statement of faith.

We are immersed in the traveler scene

Immersed – We are travellers and seekers ourselves, who recognise that we have lots to learn from others. The spaces we create are within the scene and amongst travellers, not on the fringes. This means we are located where a traveler may go and what we do practically meets the needs of our traveller friends. For most of theRIVER, spaces take the form of spaces in which to stay, to meet, to create and/or to join, however we are open to new expressions of what this could look like.

Traveller Scene – Our focus is on creating a space for backpackers and long-term travellers.  We recognise that there are many types of travellers; we welcome those who have left their homes, their normal way of life and their comfortable relationships for any period of time to seek a deeper knowledge of the world, themselves and of spirituality.

We intentionally create space for ourselves, and fellow travellers to explore the Christ path
Intentionally explore the Christ Path – We are active in dialoguing with others about their philosophy of thought and about the teachings of Jesus. We create spaces where exploration of spiritual truth is welcomed, and where Christian practice can be experienced.
All of our communities practice their spirituality in unique ways and may differ in certain faith matters and beliefs.  This is the beauty of following the Jesus path in community with others.  Travelers from all walks of life, spirituality, and mindsets are welcome to be present and engage in theRIVER communities.  

theRIVER has a joining process based on relationship, if you are interested in jumping into theRIVER [click here]

Warm Heart Guesthouse
Nomad’s Land
Light House Hostel
Shelter Hostels Amsterdam
Oasis Trails Community
Shelter Eilat
Shekina Garden
Pilgrim Hill