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‘Come, Stay, Celebrate!’
by Judith Galblum Pex

Come, Stay, Celebrate! tells the story of the Shelter Hostel in Eilat, Israel, one of theRIVER Communities. Many of us dream of immersing ourselves more in the traveler scene or of even starting a hostel, but here we have not just a history but a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it’s been like to live this lifestyle for over thirty years. On top of that, this book is full of incredible stories testifying of all that God has so faithfully done. The book begins even before John and Judy started the Shelter with the process and the choices that led them to desire a hostel and how God brought it to fruition. Sharing not only the highs and the fun times, but also the challenges and difficulties, this book would be an excellent (if not a must) resource for people in any stage of their journey – thinking about starting a community or perhaps further along and already involved in one.

-A recommendation by Gabriel Pellegrino and Judy Pex

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