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Christian Travelers’
Network Podcast

Looking for a podcast where travel stories, community, and Scripture combine? The Christian Travelers’ Network is a weekly podcast that challenges people to examine how faith and travel combine. It also equips people to take the Gospel with them wherever they go, whether to work or around the globe!
Sarah started this podcast with the hope of challenging travelers to stay Christ focused. After visiting 9 different countries she realized that travel is not void of temptations and even the most intentional Christian travelers struggle to keep God at the center of their travel plans. As a result, Sarah called upon her theological background to engage travelers in thought-provoking discussion. Each week she shares new Christian Travel advice or welcomes guests onto the podcast to share their travel experiences.
You can find the Christian Travelers’ Network podcast and other additional resources at Or tune into it on iTunes, Spotify, and Podbean.

recommendation by Sarah Rethwisch

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