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Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster

Celebration of Discipline is about how to experience Christian transformation through classic spiritual disciplines; going beyond moralism to entering into spaces where we let God work on our inner selves. Richard Foster explores 12 spiritual disciplines that create these spaces where transformation can happen.

He explores the inward disciplines of meditation, prayer, fasting and study; the outward disciplines of simplicity, solitude, submission and service; and the corporate disciplines of confession, worship, guidance and celebration. I really enjoy the heart of this book. It’s clear that the goal is how to become more like Jesus, something we could all spend more time reading and thinking about. There’s just a lot of richness here communicated in an easy to read, winsome, engaging way. I’m challenged even just listing the disciplines in the book.

We all want to be more like Jesus and I think this book is a helpful tool that outlines various ways that we can enter into spaces and places of meeting with him so that we can be transformed.

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