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C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity

What is it?

Mere Christianity is a classic apologetic work explaining Christianity to the skeptical. It offers a philosophical approach to the understanding of basic Christian doctrines. Instead of highlighting the differences between the major Christian sects, he focuses on the ideas common to each: what he calls “mere Christianity.”

What did you like/ not like?

I have never come across a better or more interesting author to read than C. S. Lewis. He is witty, winsome, persuasive and simply one of the best Christian writers and thinkers in the history of the Church.

How is it helpful?

In my opinion, this is the perfect book to suggest to almost anybody. The experienced Christian will be challenged to think more deeply, and in new ways, about their faith. The new Christian will find an encouraging and beautiful sketch of what faith in Jesus entails. And the skeptic, with an open mind, will find a winsome presentation of the faith made by one of the best minds the Church has had. I really can’t recommend it enough.


Recommended by Matt

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