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Becoming Worldly Saints’
by Michael Wittmer

‘Have you felt the tension between heaven and earth, between what you should do as a Christian and what you want to do because you’re human? You would like to lay up treasure in heaven, but you also want to have some fun down here. Have you ever thought you might enjoy life more if you weren’t a Christian?’

If we’re honest, all of us can identify what Michael Wittmer is talking about. In this book, he deals with the tension of being citizens of earth and heaven at the same time – and in doing so, broadens our minds and extends our worldview. We often say ‘I’m saved – what is the meaning of my Christian life?’ Wittmer proposes we should start with: ‘I’m made in the image of God – what is the meaning of my human life?’

The majority of what we hear from the pulpit and media nowadays is the pressure to do ‘great things for God’. This is not wrong, just simply unbalanced. Which is why this book, as repetitive as it is, is so good – indeed essential – for helping us think rightly – not just about our ice-creams or romantic cruises but about our whole human (NB not just ‘Christian’) existence.

We are called indeed to be Worldly Saints.

-A recommendation by Esther Fan

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