Creating Space

theRIVER communities create space to experience God; Everything from guesthouses, cafés, hostels, to meditation spaces.


We need each other

No one takes this journey alone. theRiver connects, supports and inspires communities to grow, work together, and even start new communities.


Big Dream

Our hope is that there would be many places on Earth where we can explore Jesus' teachings and find out what it means to grow together in understanding.


It starts with Jesus

This deep heritage of faith is in our DNA. The way of life modeled by Jesus guides all of us. It is the sole reason we dream the way we dream, and do what we do.

Who are we

Welcome to theRiver Communities!
We are glad you found your way. You can rest now, look around and feel at home!

theRiver is a global network of Christ-centred communities and spaces who invite travelers to explore and experience Jesus through community and hospitality.

Why do we exist?
TheRiver recognizes and honours the diverse expressions of the Christian faith within our network.
We exist to express and demonstrate the Kingdom of God by intentionally connecting, supporting and inspiring one another.

We are travellers exploring the teachings of Jesus together.

Purpose & Intention

Our Story

The Team

the Network

theRIVER is a network of Jesus-devoted (faith based) communities designed for travelers that exist all over the world but it is also a community unto itself: a ‘Community of Communities.’ You all may be in different places on your journey with theRIVER- either actively part of a community or just getting your feet wet in traveling; or in different places on your faith journey- exploring different faith paths, not sure what you believe at all, or perhaps you have been following the Jesus path for years. Wherever you may find yourself on the journey, we want to welcome you into our family!



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